Career Coaching and Career Change Strategy

You only have one life. What are you doing with yours?

Bold Careers

This is professional career coaching but totally different from anything you will have ever experienced before. Your next leadership move starts now.

Conscious Careers

Are you ready for a career change? Do you feel unfulfilled. Want to be and exceptional leader? Perhaps it’s time to choose a conscious pathway to success. 

Career Coaching and Career Change Strategy

You only have one life. What are you doing with yours?

Bold Careers

This is professional career coaching but totally different from anything you will have ever experienced before. Your next leadership move starts now.

Conscious Careers

Are you ready for a career change? Do you feel unfulfilled. Want to be and exceptional leader? Perhaps it’s time to choose a conscious pathway to success.

No matter where you are right now in your career, there is a pathway that’s just right for you.

Professional Freedom Coaching Services

How can we work together?

Career coach Therese Toohey client frustration prior to career coaching session.

Ignite Career Masterclass

Feeling stuck, frustrated or unappreciated? Unlock your unique personal power and set yourself up for professional and personal happiness. Map out your next moves by creating your own blueprint for success, and thrive.

Career coach Therese Toohey clients in deep discussion about their future career paths following coaching session.

Accelerate Influence Exclusive

Wanting to take your career to the next level but not sure how? Refuse to settle for a career less than you’re worth. Forge a crystal clear strategy to break through any professional limitations, boost your confidence and achieve your ultimate career goals.

Woman content and reading paper following coaching session with Therese Toohey.

Amplify Executive Freedom Premium Level

You’re in the driver’s seat of your career, tasted success and disrupted expectations. But what now? How do you balance work and rest, learning and achievement, helping others and caring for yourself; all the while, working with dignity and grace?

Please don’t settle

So many people settle for a career that doesn’t light them up.  They settle for dragging their feet to work every day, wondering what it all means and whether it’s all been worth it.

Why would we do that to ourselves?

Do I need Executive Coaching or Career Coaching?

That depends on your specific needs.  Executive coaching is a specialised area focusing on the distinct needs of seasoned executives.  Career coaching is for those astue and unique individuals who refuse to ‘just settle’.

What is the connection between Career and Leadership?

There are two fundamentals for career success: leadership and strategy.  For far too long the two concepts, career and leadership, have been treated as separate entities.  In fact, they are one and the same. Our approach is the only process that honours both simultaneously.

What is a Career Change Strategy?

You must always have a Career Change Strategy. Think long term while experiencing the best of the current role. A Career Change Strategy in your back pocket will also give you something to cheer you on if you feel your last move was a mistake. Keep a record of everything you’re accomplishing – it’ll help getting you that much closer to your new career.

What is a Conscious Career?

Every career contributes in ways great and small, towards making the world either a better or more difficult place to live. We support those leaders who consciously choose to build virtuous careers that contribute positively to themselves and to others. 

Why is meaning and purpose so critical to Career success?

The absolute foundation of a truly flourishing and successful life is to have a purpose bigger than ourselves. Incorporating meaning into your career gives control over the events in your life and allows you to live your values fully.

What signs indicate I need to re-think my Career choice?

The obvious signs we know well, lost direction motivation and drive. But the more subtle signs are the ones we need to pay attention to:  being extremely ‘busy’ but underneath you’re feeling bored; noticing you’re tired, short-tempered and impatient with the team; and your confidence is taking a hit the longer you stay where you are.

Client Results

About Me

Making a change for the better means taking a step into the unknown.  Like any important journey, your success will depend on who you bring with you.

Our Founding Director, Therese Toohey, is a passionate and transformative facilitator and career consultant. Therese has helped countless people and organisations find true motivation through a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

With deep and indispensable knowledge, Therese brings warmth, wisdom and laser-sharp insight to every client.

Client Results

“I have a new job, which is fantastic.

Therese is so down to earth and grounded, and compassionate, and understands where you’re coming from.  She’s amazing.  I just love Therese’s ability to connect with you and to make you feel you’re the most important person in the world.  I would definitely work with her again.

Working with Therese has given me the confidence to be able to make the leap to do something very different, somewhere else and, know that I can do it really well.

Before working with Therese, I probably wouldn’t have had the confidence to move into the senior leadership role.  I’m starting at the beginning in terms of not having any connections, and I’m actually really enjoying it!  I’ve been there now for two months and I am surprising myself at how super quickly I’ve been able to adapt.

Professionally, I feel so much more confident in myself.  I have more self-compassion, I understand myself, I know my strengths, my weaknesses, and how I can leverage my both.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, but Therese taught me how to be kind to myself.”

Vanessa – Manager, Public Sector

“I am a medical practitioner and the director of a medical unit in a major teaching hospital.  I decided to work with Therese as I was struggling with team management and dynamics, keeping my workplace culture tidy, in other words proactive and preventative management of my unit.

Therese has taught me to see more of my future rather than everyone else’s.  I have had more time to work on my own career and growth.  What Therese has done is to help me rationalise my resources and energy levels to keep me going.

Therese has enabled me to take the stress out of managing people so I can keep growing.  Through my growth the whole team benefits as it demonstrates that I am motivated.  It sets the example.

The result?  Team prosperity with exponential results!  Under performers have really improved with measurable increases in productivity and I am no longer afraid of staff leaving.

Therese knows me so well, when we meet it always feels like having a great chat with pearls of wisdom thrown in and getting me to the right conclusions for the benefit of the staff, and also me.

Therese will equip you with the attitude, knowledge and skills you need to progress your leadership and career as well as supporting you 100% in the process.”

Claire – Associate Professor, Medical Unit

“I’m an experienced manager and a busy working mum!  I also lead a team working on policy and regulatory issues within a federal government department.

I reached out to Therese because I was struggling with work-life balance issues.  I sought assistance to clarify my own expectations of myself, and to find some tools to help me know if I was making choices that were the best for me.

Therese taught me to be kinder to myself, how to be deliberate and considerate in my interactions with others.  I’m both more strategic and more authentic with my leadership.

Results?  I recently won a Secretary’s leadership award; I’ve secured opportunities to act at the next level; and my staff say I seem happier and less stressed.

I’m looking after myself better, and I have a healthier perspective. I am very grateful for the insights and strategies Therese helped me to gain.

I found Therese highly empathetic and very good at helping me reframe things, see new perspectives and help me to be self-compassionate.”

Rachel – Senior Manager, Public Sector

“My coaching experience with Therese exceeded all my expectations.  I am much happier and more comfortable with who I am, and this has enabled me to be more productive and effective as a leader and develop new professional relationships that have enhanced my job satisfaction and scope of influence.

From our first meeting, I felt comfortable with Therese, she was open and honest and her willingness to show her own vulnerability with me made me feel safe.  This enabled me to share my own fears and perceived inadequacies and failures.  Once verbalized these fears no longer had the control over me that I had given them and with Therese’s help I was able to work out strategies to overcome their effect on my professional and personal life.

Therese offered wisdom and personalised guidance during our journey together and this was particularly helpful when my own reflection held too many blind spots for me to separate the wood from the trees.

The greatest benefits and outcomes I achieved through working with Therese as an executive coach was insight into entrenched behaviours and beliefs that were stifling my professional and personal growth,  Once I understood how my perfectionism had impeded my natural creativity and spontaneity, and how ‘Imposter Syndrome’ had made me feel phony despite my successes, I was able to change my approach to people and life.

Positive responses and small behavioural changes have markedly increased my self-confidence and improved my resilience.”

Cathy – Nurse Manager of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital.

The first step in taking ownership over your career is knowing you have so much to contribute; you can picture yourself engaged, energised and valued.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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