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 Premium Level Coaching for Women Executives Ready

to Play a Much Bigger Game

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Amplify Freedom attracts women from a diverse range of industries including Medicine, Law, HR, Tech, Finance, NGOs, Public Sector and Private Corporations. The common element? To reach their highest potential, highest power, professionally and personally.


Amplify Freedom is for you if you are:

You're a senior executive looking for 'more'.

You’re ready to reach beyond ordinary success to achieve extraordinary effectiveness. It’s time to combine human-centred vision with purposeful leadership, and succeed on every level that matters: intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual.

An active and ethical leader looking to grow, develop and shake up the status quo and imbalances.

You’re ready to share the journey with all women and contribute to their success as much as your own. Why? Because it’s the only path to long-term equality and competitive advantage.

Your heart and mind are set on change, positive deviance (think virtuous organisations).

Organisations have the potential to do enormous good in the world. You have a passion for creating products and services that people trust and value. You care about human flourishing.

You’re ready to step outside 'standard leadership' and take powerful action to achieve extraordinary results.

You know the old ways no longer work. It’s time to shake up and move on out the failing ‘status quo’. Take your place and support others to ‘storm the castle’!


Amplify Freedom is a high-performance, high-level coaching program for the most focused, committed, astute and courageous women leaders. It’s an intensive, challenging and 100% supportive program that gets outstanding results for the individual, the organisation and the broader community.

Amplify Freedom is NOT for you if:

You're just beginning your career.

You simply need more time to travel the ambitious road. At this point, the best thing right now is to find great mentors. Mentors who will sponsor your leadership development, your career trajectory while holding you to account on your future ambitions.

You really can't commit the time.

Sometimes we just need more time.  We are being challenged in ways never experienced before and our career pathways are no longer clear, defined and predictable.

However, engaging in Amplify Freedom provides you with that time; time to be more strategic in the design and execution of your career path coupled with the knowledge and skills to strengthen your current leadership impact.

You’re willing to settle.

You may have found your ‘place’ and you need time to settle and establish. That said, once you start imagining a different future, notice yourself talking about making a change, and you feel the urge to take action, we’ll be here for you.


Benefits of Membership

A high performance, premium level leadership and executive coaching community.

You will: 

  • Appreciate and master complexity, knowing it is here to stay and will only increase in intensity.
  • Build the mental and emotional strength to sustain leadership in a world of 24/7 distractions.
  • Learn to stop and recalibrate, to renew clarity and reinvigorate energy.
  • Lead from a place of authenticity, creativity and inner strength, all the while embracing your inner values.
  • Forge deeper relationships and experience more meaning and purpose in leadership.
  • Reduce stress and burnout by practising fierce self-compassion.
  • Sharpen focus and enjoy the benefits of a high-performing mind.

You will always lead from the front.

Career coach Therese Toohey offers Premium Level Coaching Membership for high-level executives.

The Idea is Leadership Sustainability


The Path to Your Professional Freedom

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Leadership Contribution to Community
  • Learning Circles in Dialogue
  • Virtual Symposia

Membership Includes

  • Adaptability and Leadership Assessments
  • Leadership Sustainability Resources
  • Access to the Private Members Group
  • SOS Coaching

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