Ignite Change Masterclass

Benefits of Igniting Career Change

A three-part Online MasterClass for those ready to become ‘unstuck’ and focus on creating the career you can proudly own.

✅ Walk away laser focused on your own personal plan for career success.

Be crystal clear on how to achieve your career and leadership goals.

Know how to optimise your leadership impact.

Have tools and strategies to use anytime to help you take that next leadership or career challenge.

If you’re ready for all this, Ignite Career Change is for you. 

Coworkers comparing notes after Igniting Change session from Therese Toohey.
Satisfied clients following career coach Therese Toohey's Ignite Change session.

Map out your next moves by creating your own blueprint for success, and thrive.


An Online Career Development Masterclass

During the Online MasterClass, you will complete a leadership questionnaire. You will know without a shadow of a doubt, the best career and leadership environments that work for you. You will have access to proven techniques to accelerate your career & optimise your leadership presence.


 💥  Strengths & Leadership Assessments  

 💥  Workbooks, Career Maps, The Momentum Tracker, Journal Now

 💥 Online Learning Modules, Tools & Life-long Resources 

 💥 Membership to the Exclusive Ignite Change Network

 💥 Invitation to the Bold Moves community 

 💥 Access to our CV and interview gurus


Today’s price: Just $997 USD

Join Our Community of Brilliant Women Who Are Igniting Their Career Change 


Module 1: Contribution & Creation – Career Leadership, Meaning and Purpose. Taking stock of what matters the most, listening to your inner voice and accepting where you are right now is where you begin. You’ll need to define your ‘why’; what get’s you out of bed in the morning, what sustains you and those around you, and how this aligns (or not) with your current circumstances.

Being successful in your career means utilising your unique strengths and putting them to work for you! This exercise will help you recognise which work environments are right for you, and which ones to avoid – it’ll change the way you view your career trajectory. Once clear on this, you’ll begin defining and researching your target industries and/ or organisations. Next, the commitment phase; based on all you’ve uncovered or discovered, you’ll construct and commit to your unique career goals, your milestones and actions to move you forward.

Module 2: Connection & Compassion – Wholeheartedness and the  Politically Savvy. Success is equal parts mindset, interconnection and action. You’ll learn how to make the right connections within your organisation and beyond. You’ll be building inclusive and energetic networks that will have you being noticed. You will also experience masterful lessons in Emotional Intelligence (EI) – the #1 differentiator between mediocre and superior performance. IQ will get you through the door, EI will get you the promotion.

You’ll be given the tools to bypass any fears or self-doubt holding you back by embracing fierce self-compassion – a proven way to accept yourself, build inner strenghth, and thrive. Mindless career changes will no longer be tolerable!

Module 3: Confidence & Change –  Leading From the Front. You’ll be shown how and why the best leaders rarely apply for the next promotion, and it’s simpler than you think. Your leadership, decisiveness and sound judgement will be a shared resource as you learn how important it is to ‘pay it forward’. 

You will now own a ‘stand-out’ Resume/CV (should you need it!) and have the inside knowledge on winning ‘that’ interview. You will have your Career Architecture for now and well into the future.


You will have everything you need to achieve your unique career and leadership goals.

The sooner you start, the sooner you arrive.

Yes, I want to join the community of like-minded women who are ready to Ignite Change.

So glad you’re ready to make the move towards the career you want.   

Just $997 USD