Coaching programs that focus, engage, transform.

Feeling Like It's Time to Make a Change?

Helping you find success with personalised coaching.

We specialise in working with brilliant women to take them to the top of their field, have deep impact and create greater success than they ever imagined possible.

No matter which coaching path you choose, you will engage in a process that delivers a profound level of self-knowledge and confidence that is positive, grounded, stable, and powerful!

No stone is left unturned. No wishy washy programs. Great strategies. Exceptional results.

What You Can Expect


At all times, we promise you we will act with the highest level of professionalism as we guide you to your brilliance.


We're there when you need us.  You have our attention on you, your goals and those things that get in the way.


We are known for our integrity and we promise that you can trust us fully with your goals and your vision as you lead from the front.

Our Promise

Choosing professional freedom means you will experience a far more rewarding, fulfilled and interesting life. You might even resolve some of the world’s most challenging and complex problems! Make no mistake, when we live on purpose, we naturally build a better future for our children and the children there after.

Simple and profound Career Strategy

Here’s what the journey in front of you looks like.  It is designed strategically to get you the best results in a sustainable way, and as efficiently as possible.

When you know your career STRATEGY, you optimise impact; when you are are clear on your powerful MESSAGE to the world, you accelerate your influence and when you choose to own your FUTURE, you will have all the professional freedom you can need to rapidly grow your carreer and leadership blueprint.

We look forward to helping you focus, engage and transform.


Career coach Therese Toohey looking resplendent in white shirt and silk scarf. Leaning casually against the wall following a coaching session.

How It Works

Schedule a 1:1

Too many incredibly talented women take a back seat in their career and leadership. If you’re ready to change that situation, accelerate your career, and are focused on finding your rightful place as a leader, we’re here to start the strategy.


Choose a Coaching Program

Our promise is to partner with you every step of the way. Our career and leadership strategies cover every aspect necessary to progress your journey. Choose the coaching package best suited to your purpose, your seniority, budget and desired outcomes.

Achieve Your Goals

After experiencing our unique coaching methodologies, our clients are ready to embrace their purpose.  The authentic leader in hiding is awakened and primed to seize the future. Will you be one of the courageous individuals prepared to follow your passion?

1-on-1 Strategy Call (15 mins)

This 15 minute power session is designed to help you map out your next best moves to bring clarity, motivation and action. I’m here to put you in charge of your career. Why wait any longer? Start planning you new career now.

More Details

Depending on your goals, together we’ll explore the best strategy to help you accelerate your success in today’s competitive environment.

    Ignite Change MasterClass

    Feeling stuck, frustrated or unappreciated? Unlock your unique personal power and set yourself up for professional and personal happiness. Map out your next moves by creating your own blueprint for success, and thrive.

    Accelerate Influence Exclusive

    Wanting to take your career to the next level but not sure how? Refuse to settle for a career less than you’re worth. Forge a crystal clear strategy to break through any professional limitations, boost your confidence and achieve your ultimate career goals.

    Amplify Freedom Premium Level 

    Amplify Freedom is a high-performance, high-level coaching program for women with a seat at the leadership table; women looking to measure success in terms of well-being, peace and harmony, and not just power and profit.

    When women join together for a common purpose, they build unstoppable momentum for social, economic, and political change. When women support each other to achieve personal hopes, dreams, and goals, the change is inevitable.

    Will you be one of them?

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