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Personalised Career and Leadership Coaching.

Refuse to settle for a career less than you’re worth.

Benefits of Accelerating Influence Exclusive

Take back control and thrive at work and in life.


✅  Leverage your strengths and leadership behaviours in ‘positively deviant’ ways. 

✅  Double down on your purpose and what’s meaningful to you – the hallmarks of successful careers.

✅  Develop your leadership vision and clarify non-negotiable priorities.

✅  Recognise and activate the right opportunities, right roles and right environments for you.

✅  Become a powerful navigator of the political landscape, actively reading the social and political currents; distain or disinterest in organisational politics is a liability – trust me!

✅  Build mighty energy networks and sponsors for influence and support; ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for career success and,

✅  Deliver ‘positively deviant’ leadership – truly game changing for anyone wanting to ‘make a positive difference in the world’.

Career coach Therese Toohey standing relaxed.

You’ll be surrounded by brilliant women just like you. 




Prior to commencing coaching, you will complete an in-depth questionnaire – so I get to know you and your career aspirations before we hit the ground running.

Over the 12 weeks you will have weekly modules to complete, feedback on milestones + coaching calls for support & accountability.


⭐️  3 x 1 hour Executive Leadership Coaching Sessions

⭐️  3 Group Coaching Sessions

⭐️  Strengths & Leadership Assessments

⭐️  An Exclusive Membership Group

⭐️  Modules and Resources

⭐️  2 x 20min Check-ins

⭐️  CV, Résumé, Interviews skills plus LinkedIn Power Presence.


Module 1: Conscious Leadership. Determine what’s central to your career and leadership aspirations by identifying your unique contribution, evaluating past roles, examining pivitol events, and uncovering what matters for your future and why. The change starts right here, right now.

Module 2: The Creative Mindset.  Identify new ways to present your best self and begin to build your own path and direction. The creative in you is awakened and a career blueprint forged.

Module 3: Invest in Relationships. Learn how to build genuine, honest and respectful relationships that matter to you, whether at work or home. Engage seriously in networks of inclusion to sustain energy and achieve success. 

Module 4: Fierce Self-Compassion: Extending fierce compassion to yourself and others. Learn how to accept yourself, build inner strength, and thrive. You will be given powerful exercises to help you uncover your innate capacity to hold yourself and others with compassion. 

Module 5: Know Your Edge: Recognise you are now nimble, resilient and unthreatened by the demands and opportunities shifting around you. Here the practical application of your ‘edge’—your confidence—is explored, designed and delivered. Construct applications with ease and embrace opportunities to be interviewed.

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