Therese Toohey

Career & Leadership Strategist


About Therese

Hi – I’m Therese Toohey and I live very contentedly in the Southern Highlands. I’ve discovered yoga does make a difference, my two crazy dogs need more training, and there’s nothing better than ending the week with a superb single malt. 

I am also the career strategist to leaders all over the world looking to find their true north; your success is my #1 priority.

My purpose is seeing your brilliance. My passion is helping you shine a light on yourself in the most beautiful way. I want you to have the impact you need so you can accelerate your career through conscious leadership.

 I took my own career to a place where I can celebrate living and leading on purpose every day, doing what I love.

 I discovered that when I made work a part of who I am, everything changed. I now freely choose meaningful work over ‘interesting’, people over profit and have become one of the most connected career and leadership coaches in Australia.

 It took input from many of my wonderful clients over the years and a lifetime of experience and research to shine the light once more and launch my Career Intelligence™ Methodology (CI™); a transformational system unparalleled anywhere else in the world. CI™ is designed specifically for people like you, who truly want to make a difference to themselves, their career, and their leadership.

Therese Toohey: M Ed (Leadership), B Ed (Psychology)

Our Vision, Purpose & Values

This creed is our true north.  It’s the standard by which we live and work; it sets us apart as Career Influencers.

We share it with you in the hope that you’ll value the intent and promise as much as we do.

OUR VISION:  A world where people live and work with ease.

OUR PURPOSE:  To spread equity.

 OUR VALUES:  Compassion, Innovation, 360° Trust


Compassion is at the heart of our company.  We listen intently, free of judgement. We effect positive change in people, careers and culture.


Innovation drives us.  We value action, results and success.  We are creative, adaptable and highly capable.

360° Trust

Trust completes us. We are our word. We are honest. We care.

Here’s to your career success and beyond.

Speak out, speak up. Be brave; be different; be bold. Leave the earth in a better place. Lead from the front. Be present. 

Our Approach

One thing we understand is that your career is a vehicle; it’s the ‘expression’ for you to live on purpose, with courage, and with passion.

We’ve coached people at so many different stages on their path to better leadership, better careers.

Whether you’re wondering how to take on your first CEO role or you’re about to fight your battle of Waterloo, working with us will transform your relationship to your leadership, your work and, of course, your career.

Using our unique methodology, Career Intelligence™ (CI™), we give you the tools, support and blueprint to intentionally choose Personal and Professional Freedom.

Our unparalleled, proprietary system is designed specifically for people truly wanting to make a difference to themselves, their careers, their leadership and the world!  There is nothing so thorough, so transformational available anywhere else.

This strategic approach leaves nothing to chance.

Career coach Therese Toohey sitting at a table during a coaching session. Therese has short hair and is wearing a black top and white jacket. Therese is smiling warmly.

You have approximately 80,000 hours in your career.

You’ll make millions of decisions, and cross paths with thousands of people.


 Make every one of those hours, decisions and interactions count.

Don’t Wait Any Longer!

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